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Mashariki Rent-A-Car™ FAQs

What do I need to rent? 

* All renters must be at least 21 years old. 
* All Renters must have a valid Driver’s License (Not suspended, Revoked or 

* All Renters must have a major credit card (American Express, Discover, 

   Visa, or Mastercard) in their name to be used for payment. (Name on credit

   card should STRICTLY match the names on Driver’s License).

* Proof of Liability or Full coverage insurance. (Collision coverage is manatory)

   Click here to read more on Rates & Reservations Procedures and insurance 


Click here to read more about Rental Requirements.

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Where are you located?

Mashariki Rent-A-Car is located at 1621 Central Ave South Suite F, Kent, Washington 98032. Click here for driving directions

Phone: 206 334 5647  Fax : 253-859-2860

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What hours are you open?

We are open 8.00 am to 9.30pm Monday - Sunday. (We can be open later that 9.30pm on prior arrangement)

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How do you charge your rates?

Mashariki Rent-A-Car's daily charges are on a 24 hour clock. Example: If you rent the vehicle at 10:00 a.m. on a Monday and return at 10:00 a.m. the next day, which would be Tuesday, this would be considered a one day charge. All our current rates are posted on the Rates & Reservations page.

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Do I need a reservation or appointment?

It is always good thing to have a reservation a few days before pick up. We do accept walk in customers but do not guarantee availability due to demand, prior bookings or vehicle availability. Please call us at 206-334-5647 to make an appointment

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Can I have an additional driver?

Additional renters driver's license must be presented at time of rental. No additional renter may be added to a contract over the telephone. Photo copy or fax copy of a driver's license will NOT be accepted. Fee for each additional driver is $5.00 per day. Additional renters must also be 21 years of age and above with a valid driver's license and must meet primary driver requirements.

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Do I need to come to you to pick up the rental car?

YES you do. All pick ups and returns are done from our office location in Kent Washington. Let us know when you want to do an after hours drop off. We can give you a free ride to the airport if you need one. We always recommend to be back at the rental office 2 hours before your flight time to drive you to the airport. The reason is some roads may be closed for construction or there may be an accident which can add time to the commute. A 2 hour lead time will give you time to find alternative routes to the airport.

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How does this car work?

We will walk you around the car to explain all features and how they operate.

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Do I need to have personal insurance?

ABSOLUTELY YES! It is a plus to have Liability or Full coverage insurance on your personal vehicles which is transferable to the rental car (Collision Coverage is Mandatory). The renter is required to carry Auto Liability Insurance in their name. We at Mashariki Rent-A-Car encourage you to contact your insurance carrier and inquire if your personal policy will cover you in a rental vehicle.

Make sure you inform your agent the type of vehicle you will be renting and how long you will be renting. When you arrive at our office we will call your auto insurance carrier to verify coverage.

What if I do NOT have personal insurance ? You can purchase a 6 month "non-Owner Liability insurance(Broadform insurance)" from the major insurance companies which covers you from third party liabilities. This works well if you plan to rent the vehicle on a long term. Note that damage to the rental vehicle is not covered by this policy since it is the same liability insurance that you would normally have on your personal car. A credit card with supplemental insurance coverage is required.

However the final price you pay for the non-owner liability insurance will depend on your driving record which insurance companies go by to determine your monthly premium. You would pay your premiums on a monthy basis just as you would on your regular auto insurance and you will be issued with an insurance card to carry in the car.

As a starting point we can refer you to the Insurance Agent listed below but as always it is wise to shop around (Yellow Book or DEX) to get the best deal.  Note that not all insurance companies carry this type of policy so you may need to go through an insurance broker to get it for you. Click on the link below to visit their website. We have listed all their locations for you so that you can visit the one that is convenient to you.


If you do not have personal insurance you may call either one of the companies below and request to purchase "Non Owner Liability Insurance (Broad Form Insurance "


Action Auto Insurance

Visit their website.




Federal way Location           

36210 17th Avenue S

Federal Way WA, WA 98063

Tel :  253-838-7283



Visit their website.



P.O Box 509090

San diego CA 92150-9090

Tel : 1-800-841-3000



23655-A Pacific Hwy South

Kent WA 98032

Tel : 1-888-455-9898

FAX: 206-824-0250

Cell: 206-419-2032



PAUL G. NELSON. (Agency Owner)

1621 Central Ave S. Suite C

Kent WA 98032

Tel : 206-605-2488



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How can I ensure I receive the best rate available?

Mashariki Rent-A-Car guarantees that you will get our best rate at any time. All current rates are posted on our website. (Click here to view our rates) We encourage you to shop around and see that Mashariki Rent-A-Car offers some of the most competitive rates offered by any of the major car rental companies especially if you are under 25 years. You could also come with a written quote from our competitor and see if we can beat it. Our website rule is: “What you see is what you get!”

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How much tax will I get charged?

All Renters’ must be aware that car rentals in Washington State are charged two forms of Taxes irrespective of which company you rent from. That is a general rule.

Other car rental companies like airport locations may have additional taxes and fees.

You will be charged:

Washington State Renters’ Tax =  7.70%
Washington State Sales Tax    =  10.10% 
                          Total Tax   =17.80%

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If John Smith rents an "Economy Class Car" from Mashariki for 5 days at a rate of $20.00 per day then his final bill will be as follows

5 days rental @$20.00    =                    5 days x  $20.00     = $  100.00
Washington State Renters Tax 7.70%     7.70% x  $100.00    = $     7.70
Washington State Sales Tax 10.10%    10.10% x  $100.00    = $    10.00
Total bill for John Smith is:                                                $117.80


When you rent for longer periods (weekly, monthly etc) you are guranteed to get discounted rates posted on our Rates & Reservations page.

Read more on fast facts about Washington here.

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What happens if the car is stolen, damaged, or is involved in an accident?

If the car is stolen or has been involved in an accident, first call the local police immediately by dialing 911. As a business entity, we always recommend that you make sure you get a police report on the scene with contacts and insurance policies of all people involved. In the glove compartment you will find additional writing material if you need some. Remember you may be cited on the scene by the Police if you are at fault for instance if you rear end somebody's car drove recklessly (traffic violations) or you are found intoxicated beyond legal limits. It is important to know at this point that you will be held liable for any loss/damage to the rental vehicle or third party loss if you are at fault due to any reasons listed here.

Secondly call Mashariki Rent-A-Car and give them your rental agreement or confirmation number and an details of such an occurrence. If it is after hours please call this number for assistance : 206-334-5647

Lastly, call your own auto insurance company with information of the incident.

The customer is responsible for towing charges (for rental car) in these 2 situations.

1. Vehicle has been involved in an an "at fault accident" and is not drivable or is a total loss. 

2. Vehicle has been impounded while in customer's possession due to parking negligently or any other reason.


Mashariki Rent a car is responsible for towing charges only in the normal break down of the rental car while it is on rent.

Be careful not to violate your car rental agreement by driving while intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance, allowing an unauthorized person to drive the vehicle, leaving the windows, doors or trunk unlocked, or leaving the keys in the ignition when unattended.

Remember that, as the renter, you are liable for all parking and moving traffic violations, so please drive safely and observe all traffic laws.

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Does Mashariki Rent-A-Car conduct driver record checks?

Before we rent a vehicle to you when you arrive at our location, you and any additional authorized drivers may be subject to a driving record and license check with the DMV. We can do this online and it takes less than 5 minutes. Every renter or additional driver can subject to having their driving records and licenses checked. we reserve the right to deny the rental based on the DMV report.

We are held harmless by you (Renter) for the failure of any renter/driver to qualify for a rental under these guidelines.

Renting a car is a privilege and Mashariki will decline to rent a car to you if the following violations appear on your driving record.

  • Driver's license is suspended, Revoked, Restricted in any way.  
  • DWI / DUI / prohibited drugs or narcotics within the past 36 months.
  • No valid License or operating a vehicle without a license within past 24 months.
  • One or more convictions for reckless driving within the past 36 months.
  • Two or more accidents within the past 24 months.
  • Failure to report an accident or "Hit and Run" within past 24 months.
  • Grand theft auto or Possession of stolen vehicle within past 36 months .
  • Three or more moving violations within the past 24 months.
  • Convicted of insurance fraud within past 36 months.

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Will there be a deposit taken on my credit card, and if so, how much?

At the time of picking up your rental we will go ahead and charge the estimated cost of the rental onto your card. Should the car be returned earlier than originally agreed, a credit for the unused portion is issued upon return. If you are late in returning the vehicle then additional charges will apply on your VISA/MASTER/AMEX/DISCOVER card. Please be aware that there will be no special exemption to this rule. You pay first and then get the service. Click here to read more about DEPOSITS. 

If you are a 1st time renter with us we will hold a refundable deposit of $250.00


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Can I use a "key ring" credit card when I rent a car from Mashariki Rent-A-Car?

No, Mashariki Rent-A-Car does not accept key ring credit cards. If you present a key ring credit card at the time of rental, Mashariki  will ask you to present the standard size credit card.

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Do you offer unlimited mileage?

You get 100 free miles every day. However our our geographical limits are Washington State, Portland Oregon, Vancouver BC & Victoria BC Canada. We do not service beyond these locations. Click here to read more about MILEAGE CHARGES.

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Does Mashariki Rent-A-Car offer one-way rentals?

NO. All Mashariki vehicles must be picked from our office and returned to the same office at the end of your contract during our normal business hours. We will give you a ride to the airport od within reasonably distances (less than 20 miles)

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Authorized driving areas

Mashariki Rent a Car allows renters to drive the vehicle only in Washington State, Portland Oregon Victoria BC and Vancouver BC (Canada). For Canadian rentals please contact your insurance company to find out if they require to issue you with a "yellow card"  for free to use while in Canada. The rental vehicle must be returned to same location (physical address) it was originally rented from at the end of your contract. Always verify with your insurance company about driving into Canada since every company is different in terms of policy.

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Maximum Rental Period

Mashariki Rent a Car will allow you to rent our vehicles for a maximum of 30 continous days if you are using your personal insurance. On the last day of the maximum period, the renter must return to the rental office where vehicle was rented from to request a new Rental Agreement for additional days. The reason we have this maximum limit is because some personal insurance policies will not allow you go go beyond that on a single contract.

We are however accepting long term customers (2 to 6 months rental) as long as they have verifiable purchased "Non Owner Liability Insurance" which has to be checked monthly on your premium due dates to ensure it is still active. If your policy is cancelled for WHATEVER reason when the rental car is still in your possession under a rental agreement then you MUST STOP DRIVING THE VEHICLE IMMEDIATELY and notify Mashariki immediately of such cancellation. Failure to comply wtih this requirement will constitute rental negligence and you will be held liable if you cause an accident in such a state on non-coverage.

You need to park it in a safe parking place and call a Mashariki Agent (206 334 5647) with location details to come and pick up the rental car due to liability reasons. You will be charged a fee for such an unscheduled pickup among other charges such as gas and balances due to Mashariki.

Strictly follow written rules and regulations and you'll be fine.

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Do you rent USED cars only?

YES. All our cars are USED so you WON’T smell that "new car scent" in them NEITHER will you find fancy modern gadgetry. We prefer USED cars to new cars since it enables us to give you the hugely discounted rates as posted on our Rates and Reservations web page. Our cars are however maintained properly in order to functionally serve their purpose. All our customers comprise of people who want to outright save money or are stretched financially and don't really care about how old or used the car is as long as it gets them from point A to B in the cheapest way possible until they get their personal vehicle on the road again.

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Who are your regular customers?

All our customers are people (strictly over 21 years) who already own a personal car that has insurance (Liability or full coverage with Collision coverage) since that coverage is what you use to drive our rental car. Remember your "deductible" still applies on the rental car just as it would on your personal car where applicable or when required to pay it during a claim on your policy. We are however accepting long term customers (2 to 6 months rental) as long as they have verifiable purchased "Non Owner Liability insurance" which has to be checked monthly on your premium due dates to ensure it is still active. Mashariki Rent a Car does NOT OFFER OR SELL YOU INSURANCE. Please read on below to know what is expected if you if your policy is cancelled or terminated for whatever reason while the car is still in your possession under a rental contract.  

Our customers are people who are experiencing transportation problems with their personal cars such as sudden breakdown, accident, stolen or scheduled maintenance at the workshop waiting for repairs parts to ship and need a rental for a few days to carry on with their daily activities. You can rent our cars for a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 30 days. If you need to extend your rental beyond 30 days you will need to return to the rental office and open a new rental agreement for additional days needed.   Remember folks that having personal insurance is very crucial in renting our cars meaning that if you do not have it and cannot purchase it then we CANNOT help you in any way and again Mashariki Rent a Car does NOT OFFER OR SELL YOU INSURANCE.  We DO NOT place cars on the road without verifiable proof of insurance coverage on the part on the customer due to liability reasons and more so it is illegal in Washington State.

Failure to pay your personal premiums when due or having your policy cancelled due to your fault is considered as negligence on your part and this makes you liable (if at fault or not) in the event of an accident since the car was rented with valid insurance in the first place which is all we need to verify. If your policy is cancelled for WHATEVER reason when the rental car is still in your possession under a rental agreement then you MUST NOT DRIVE THE VEHICLE AT ALL and notify Mashariki immediately. You need to leave it in a safe parking spot and call a Mashariki Agent (206 334 5647) with location details to come and pick up the rental car due to liability reasons. You will be charged a fee for such an unscheduled pickup among other charges such as gas and balances due to Mashariki. Our customers MUST call 911 in the event of an accident no matter how minor it may seem. Remember you may be cited by the officer for traffic violations such as DUI or arrested on the spot if that led or caused the accident. We go by police reports when processing claims.

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Can I rent a vehicle for my daughter or a friend?

No you can't. You cannot rent a car on behalf of any third party person at all. That is a standard procedure in the car rental industry irrespective of which company you rent from. That is illegal and your insurance may bill you back for damages if such a person causes an accident (whether at fault or not) if they were not listed on your rental agreement as an additional driver and also on your insurance policy.

If your daugher as you say is over 21 and has personal insurance in their own name then she needs to rent the car for herself. We want to make this very clear now that anybody who rents our vehicle and is listed on the rental contract as the "Renter" is the authorized driver of that car.

You CANNOT rent our vehicle using your own insurance and then allow other unauthorized drivers to handle or drive the rental car for any reason. That is unacceptable and you will have violated your rental agreement significantly. Using your insurance in such a wrongful manner can cost you a lot financially.

That is why it is our policy we require our customers to call 911 in the event of an accident so that the police can record the details as they occurred and then we will forward the report to your insurance company for claim processing. We go by police reports when processing claims due to the large number of cars we have and we cannot physically attend to each and every accident scene. Just call the cops and bring us the Police report. It's that simple.!

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Why do you prefer credit card payments?

The reasons why we ask our customers to pay by major creditcard ( VISA, Master, AMEX, Discover ) is because:

1. Any unpaid traffic/parking tickets or other driving violations that were not disclosed to us (Mashariki) at the time the rental car was returned are charged to your creditcard on file. We do send a payment receipt plus a copy of the ticket paid to the customer for their record.

2. It is easier to process a REFUND for overpayment back to the credit card if the vehicle is returned earlier than expected. A creditcard transaction can be re-opened and the unused funds refunded to the customer. You CANNOT do this with a debitcard since debit transactions are "final" and we do not operate or maintain a cashbox to issue refunds. You can however payoff your outstanding balances upon vehicle return in full using a debit card if you so wish since you are closing your rental bill.

3. Where you are expected to pay your deductible during a claim, we will ask you to put it on your creditcard but we are flexible to accept cash or debitcard for your insurance deductible.

4. It is a widely accepted standard in the car rental industry ( or hotel) that a credit card is expected for payment. The big car rental companies will NOT rent a car to you if you don't have a major creditcard for same reasons stated here.

5. Most major credit cards come with free Rental Insurance which covers only the rental car. You still need your proof of insurance for third party liabilities. Call your credit card company to verify if they cover you in a rental car.

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What is the process of renting a car at Mashariki?

It is a quick and easy process as long as you have all the required documentation. (driver's license, VISA/Mastercard & Insurance card.) Please allow about 15-25 minutes to process your reservation since we have to enter your details in the reservation system then print you a rental agreement and walk you around the vehicle to explain the features and inspect prior damage before you leave. We are required by law to explain to you (renter) the contents of the rental agreement verbally to you before you sign so that you understand what you are signing.

Mashariki's rental agreements are provided by our commercial insurance carrier and are specific for Washington State . Your signature is evidence that you agree to comply with the rental guidlines as stipulated in the rental agreement. We also have to call your insurance carrier to verify proof of coverage before we release the vehicle so try to come within normal business hours when insurance offices are open. We also encourage you to call your insurance agent before hand to check if you are covered in a rental vehicle.

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Can I rent a car to go out of State e.g to California, Mexico or Canada?

NO you can't travel to California or Mexico or interstate for that matter except to Portland Oregon and anywhere inside Washington State within a radius of 100 Miles.

We however allow limited driving into Canada (Vancouver BC & Victoria BC only)

The administrative cost of recovering a broken down vehicle from out of State is also greater than the benefits. The rental vehicle must be returned to same location (physical address) the vehicle was originally rented from at the end of your contract. Stay within Washington State boarders as mandated by your legally binding rental agreement.

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How can I exhaust my policy limits?

Auto insurance limits vary from policy and between insurance companies. Some people have Liability coverage with limits of $50,000 or $100,000 Others may have full coverage with limits of up to $300,000. It all depends on the company you go to and the various pay options you add to you policy. It is possible to exhaust your policy limits depending on the accident situation.  

For instance these are real life recorded situations which could also happen to you:-  

1. You may run into someone's property such as a house and cause significant structural damage which may cost more than your policy limits.

2. you may damage someone else's expensive car and also cause bodily injury to them resulting in very expensive medical treatment.

3. You may run over a pedestrian on a cross walk fatally wounding them or get permanently disabled. You can be sued for wrongful death or disability for amounts greater than your policy limits.

4. You may hit a public utility item such as an electric pole causing a fire destroying properties connected to it.

5. Adverse weather conditions e.g. winter increases your chances of having an accident significantly. You may run over that invisible "black ice" and be at fault in a freeway accident involving multiple vehicles (e.g. 10 cars).  

This list may go on and on since every accident situation is unique. Technically you are liable (out of pocket) for any losses over and above you insurance policy limits irrespective of whether you are driving your personal car or a rental.

This is where Mashariki's fleet insurance kicks in to pay off such over the limit losses and the customer walks away happy and debt free. Not all non-franchise or used car rental companies carry this commercial insurance since it is expensive and that's why we stand out of the crowd by going that extra mile to better protect our customers.

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Gas Stations near Mashariki Rent a Car.

76  (0.30 MILES)

209 S Central Ave

Kent, WA 98032

7-Eleven    (0.22 MILES)

511 Central Ave S

Kent, WA

Chevron   (O.39 MILES)

631 Central Ave N

Kent, WA

76  (0.44 MILES)

720 Central Ave N

Kent, WA

Shell  (0.56 MILES)

25014 74th Ave S

Kent, WA

Auburn Way Texaco – ATM (0.22MILES)

5148 Auburn Way North,

Auburn, WA 98002


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