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WHAT DO I NEED TO RENT A CAR?                                           

Rental Policies.


You are required to read these self explanatory requirements carefully before you call to make a rental reservation.

Pre-owned car rentals .

We are a good quality and affordable pre-owned car rental company. If you are looking for a late model or brand new car then this is not the right place for you. All our past and repeat customers rent our vehicles with no regard to age of car. They simply want a cheap pre-owned clean rental car to move from point A to B.  If you are missing any one of the items below we will not be able to rent a car to you.

Valid Driver's License.

All renters must be 21 years or older, have a valid Driver’s license issued by any state of the United States of America, proof of insurance with collision & uninsured motorist coverages and a major credit card card in renters name.There is no underage fee for renters between 21 to 25 years old.

We also accept Canadian Driver’s licenses for over 21 drivers. Canadians must also provide us with personal insurance that is recognized while driving our rental car on American territory. Canadians cannot rent our rental cars from the US to drive into Canada.

We do not accept learners permits or rent vehicles to take driving tests.

Additional Drivers.

You are allowed to add a maximum of two additional drivers. There will be no extra charge if such drivers are listed on the primary renters insurance policy such as a spouse or child. There will be a $5.00/day for each additional drivers charge If they are not listed on primary renters insurance policy. Additional drivers must also be 21 or older and provide a valid driver’s license and proof of auto insurance with collision and uninsured motorist. Additional drivers may email/fax a copy of their driver’s license and proof of insurance if not present at time of rental.

Forms of payment.

A valid major credit card is required at the time of rental pick up. This is mandatory. We currently accept American Express, VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit Cards. Kindly we will be unable to rent to you if you do not have a major credit Card. (No debitcards or cash)


The credit card names must absolutely match with the drivers license names. This is to prevent credit card fraud on the part of the credit card holder and also for liability reasons if you have to use rental insurance provided by credit card carrier. Credit card insurance covers only rental car damage (not 3rd part damages)


We do not accept store gift cards, prepaid debit cards or bank debit cards or key ring credit cards. If you present a key ring credit card at the time of rental, you will be asked to present the standard size credit card.

Please note that If you do not present a major credit card at the time of rental car pick up we will have to cancel your reservation.(No exception)

Rental period.

All rentals are based on a 24-hour period. Rentals are not available at an hourly rate or any proration. All rental rates are subject to change without notice due to demand, except with confirmed reservations.

Rental deposit.

If you are a first time customer with us, we will hold a refundable deposit of $250.00 on top of your car Rental Charges. This is refundable in full if you do not have any extra daily charges, traffic violations or damage to the rental car where you are responsible for your deductible portion. This deposit does not apply to returning customers in good standing (not black listed) with Mashariki Rent a Car.

International drivers.

We currently do not accept International driver’s licenses.

Proof of personal insurance.

We do not sell over the counter rental insurance. You have to provide us with verifiable proof of persaonal auto insurance at the time of picking up the vehicle. We encourage you to call your insurance company prior to making a reservation to make sure they will cover you from liabilities while driving the rental car. Your policy must have collision and uninsured motorist coverages with a $250 or $500 deductible. A major credit card that carries rental insurance is mandatory too.

Please note:  We have to call your insurance carrier to verify if it is current or will cover you while in a rental car. If your insurance policy was current at the time you rented the car but lapses for whatever reason while still in a legal rental contract, your insurance is still liable for damages.

We will decline to rent a car to you if your insurance is cancelled or revoked at the time of rental car pick up. If your pickup time is after hours you must fax/email us a legible copy of your insurance document during business hours so that we can verify proof of coverage. Our Fax number is 253-859-2860. You can also scan/email a copy to

You cannot rent a car with your credentials above (License, credit card & insurance) for anyone else. Only the legal renter is authorized to drive or handle the rental car at all times.


If you don’t have personal insurance and you plan to rent a car on a long term (month to month) you can purchase BROADFORM type insurance (a.k.a Non Owner Liability Insurance) from Geico or other major insurance companies. You can call Geico for more information at 1-800-841-300

There are no gurantees you will be able to secure any type of personal insurance. Your personal driving record and history will determine if you are insurable.

Click here for for agents that sell broadform insurance.


Note: Most major credit cards provide you with supplemental liability insurance to cover the rental car only when you use it to pay for rental car usage. You will still need to provide us with your own personal insurance to cover you from other third party liabilities.

You cannot add a non insured driver as an additional driver to your rental agreement since your insurance policy does not recognize such drivers. Only drivers listed on your auto insurance policy can be added or drivers that have their own auto policy that meets same requirements as primary driver. You also cannot use your insurance policy credentials to rent a car on behalf of a third party who does not meet our requirements because your insurance will not approve that.

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Daily free miles.

Please note: You will get a daily Mileage limit of 100 miles per day within the geographic limits listed below.

We have a geographic driving distance limit of up to Portland Oregon, anywhere inside Washington State and Vancouver BC Canada but we have had customers in the past violating the rental contract by driving into California or Idaho without written authorization hence the introduction of the daily mileage allowance and a mileage charge if over the limit. ($0.60/mile for overage miles)

Note: We have discontinued rentals going to Victoria BC or Vancouver Island Canada or any other Island that uses ferry services due to the fact that it is difficult to recover a broken down rental vehicle because tow trucks are not allowed on a ferry. This notice supercedes any other comment found anywhere else on this website that may say we rent to the islands. That would require us to fix the car while on the the island for it to be drivable on the ferry which may not be necessarily possible depending on the vehicle problem. If you need to go to these Islands you will have to leave the car on the mainland where we can deliver you another car and be able to pick up the broken vehicle. Please make alternative arrangements to cross over to the Islands without the rental car.

If you keep within the geographic limits mentioned then your free miles are sufficient on a daily basis.

A mileage charge of $0.60 per miile will apply if you go over the daily allocated free miles.

How will this apply:  Example: If you rent a car for 4 days then your total mileage allocation will be 400 miles. Any miles above that will be charged at $0.60/mile plus applicable State taxes.

You are warned that any unauthorized drive to California, Idaho or any other State prohibited in the rental contract will significantly add charges to your final rental bill due to mileage charges. Do not drive our vehicles beyond Portland Oregon.

We do not rent vehicles for use in construction jobs, yard maintenance, delivery or courier services.

To make a reservation.

Please call 206-334-5647 or send us an email at

Tax exempt states.

For customers whose primary residency is a Tax Exempt State such as Alaska, Montana, Oregon etc, you are required to pay Washington State Sales and Rental tax towards your car rental since it is being used in Washingon state.

Tax exemption as per the Dept. of Revenue only applies if the goods or services are being taken back and consumed in your home state.

For more information you can contact the Washington State Dept. of Revenue at 1-877-345-3353


You will be charged the following State taxes when renting from Mashariki Rent a Car.

All Renters’ must be aware that car rentals in Washington State (King County) are charged at minimum two types of taxes irrespective of which company you rent from.

Note: Other car rental companies like airport locations may have additional taxes and fees.

You will be charged:

Rental Tax   =   7.70%
Sales Tax    =  10.10% 
  Total Tax   =17.80%

If John Smith rents an "Economy Class Car" from Mashariki for 5 days at a rate of $20.00 per day then his final bill will be as follows :-

               5 days rental @ $20.00/day 5 days x  $20.00    = $  100.00
                        Rental Tax 7.70%      7.70% x  $100.00    = $    7.70
                         Sales Tax  10.10%   10.10% x $100.00   = $   10.10
                                            Total bill for John Smith is:           $117.80

This is just a tax representation example without mileage charges if applicable. Read our "Daily Free miles" above.

After hours drop-off.

Rental drop-off is allowed outside of our business hours (9.30am – 9.30pm Mon-Fri) and (10.00am-3.00pm Sat-Sun) at our Kent location. Vehicle will be checked-in by agent the following business day and final receipt will be emailed to renter. Renter is responsible for rental vehicle until vehicle is checked-in the following business day by an agent.

Instructions: Please park vehicle in designated parking area instructed by your rental agent and call an Agent at 206-334-5647 on where to drop off key. Please let us know that you have dropped off the vehicle with your rental agreement number or last name on the reservation available.

Cancellation / No show policy.

You may cancel your reservation at any time at no charge since we do not collect payment until the vehicle is picked up by renter. In the event of a cancellation or no show we allocate the vehicle to the next customer in waiting and we cannot guarantee you vehicle availability should you change your mind after that. No shows after 2 hours are considered cancelled reservations and the vehicle is allocated to next customer in waiting too.

Airport shuttle.

We offer free pick up/drop off to and from the airport. We ask that you give us a call/text as soon as you land and we will pick you up at the arrivals curbside of airline you flew in and bring you to our facility. We are 15 minutes south of Seatac airport in the city of Kent.

Fuel otions.

All rentals come with full tank of gas and we ask that you return with the same level. Kindly ensure the gas tank is full when returning to our office. Nearest gas station is less than one minute away from our office in either North (7-Eleven) or South direction (Chevron).

Geographic limitations.

Rentals are restricted to the following states: Washington & Oregon within a 200 mile radius from Kent.

Canada (Vancouver & Victoria BC) is permitted with proper proof of insurance coverage and approval from Mashariki Rent a Car. A Canadian resident is prohibited from driving a U.S. owned vehicle into Canada. States or regions outside of these geographic borders are strictly prohibited.

One way rentals.

We currently do not offer one way rentals since we only have one central office location based in Kent Washington. All vehicles are picked up and returned to this office location at 1621 Central Ave S. Kent WA 98032

Late returns / Grace period.

Rental vehicle must ideally be returned at the same when it was picked up. A 3 hour grace period is allowed for late returns. Vehicles returned longer than 3 hours will be subject to an additional day of rental charge.

Road side assistance.

Mashariki Rent a Car offers Roadside Assistance for vehicle breakdown upto the 300 mile rental radius. We have a flat bed trailer which we load with a replacement car and deliver to you and we tow back the broken vehicle back to our office. If the rental vehicle breaks down please pull over to a safe location on side of the road or in a public parking lot away from danger.

If you are driving in excess of and hour and a half please ask Mashariki to give you a spare key you can keep in an accesible location such as your wallet incase you lock yourself out. For non chip keys you can also go to Fredmeyer, Home Depot or Lowes stores and cut a cheap $2.00 wallet key just incase you may need to use it.

If you get a flat tire while you are far away from our office we ask you to have it repaired or replaced as needed and we will issue you with a refund when you return to the office. Same thing with any other easy to replace wear and tear items such as burnt light bulbs, wiper blades or dead battery.

Rental guidelines.

Please click here to read additional rental guidelines such as rental contract violations, toll bills, parking bills traffic violations, customers responsibilities etc.


You cannot make a reservation or rent our car with fraudulently obtained documents even if they meet the above criteria. That's a critical violation !!!

You cannot make a reservation or rent our car for someone else whether relative or friend using your personal documents (Driver's license, Insurance or Credit Card) even if they meet the above criteria. Your insurance can potentially bill you back for accident damages which can run in the thousands of $'s. That's a critical violation !

If we detect creditcard, Driving license or insurance fraud from the renter we will have to report it immediately to law enforcement authorities and your insurance for investigation.

We want you to be safe out there and to follow the law.


Mashariki rents American models and other fine cars.


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